Tuesday, December 10, 2013

One of Those December Days!

What a glorious, sunshiny day! My backyard is blindingly white and beautiful.

I wish I could just sit and look out the window, but it is December, and it truly is one of "those" days that seem to comprise most of this month. I'm not sure if I'm multi-tasking today or if I'm simply running around like the proverbial headless chicken.

Crazy choice of days to be writing this blog.

Let's see. First off, this is the day of the "big clean" in my sewing room. I couldn't put it off any longer. I've made a good start. I've piled everything on a table so I can clean the floor and get behind things. It's a beginning, right?

What else? 

A while back my daughter gave me a tub of fresh dates. I'm not kidding! A tub! At least a quart! I really need to use these and I needed a quick recipe. So this morning I got online and found a recipe for date nut bread. It had 5 stars! That means fabulous, right? I'll let you know when it cools off enough for me to try it for a morning snack. 

This is the piece I've cut for my snack later on. It looks yummy enough, doesn't it?

I had my snack a while ago. Not bad. I wouldn't give it 5 stars, though. Maybe four. :)

Okay, what else? I have five - that's right, FIVE - new mug rugs in the works. These are the little gifts for family. So am I making them one at a time? That would be boring! I've been doing them all at once. Here they are on my design board, waiting for applique stitching, quilting, binding - all that stuff. 

My son-in-law gets the truck rug. That's a story in itself. He has this old truck, the first vehicle he ever bought for himself. No one really knows why he keeps it. It's badly rusted and has been sitting unused in the driveway for several years. Last summer he decided to fix it up. Now it's in two pieces - the main truck in the garage, and the topper on the driveway. I'm sure he'll get it up and running someday, but not during the cold of winter. 

The football is for my grandson. Typical 15-year-old boy. I think I'll work on finishing that one up first because some of you may want the pattern before football season is totally over.

My son is a reader - always has been, always will be. Thought I'd give him a stack of books. 

My granddaughter is involved in way too many activities, but music is a huge part of her life. She's been playing the violin for the past 7 years.

As for my daughter who reads my blog ... well that's not going to be visible till after Christmas. She's the one who, through blatant snooping absolutely everywhere, discovered the stash of Santa toys the year she was eight. I'll just let her guess. 

That's it. Time for my mid-morning snack, then down to the sewing room - clean first, sew after.

Have a super day!!