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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Village Delays

This has been such a good week. Our son is doing very well. He's home in his own apartment and he'll be going back to work part time next week. It's good to see that he has a positive attitude about the challenges that he has been facing. I'm finally starting to relax.

I've made good progress on the autumn village wall hanging, and the pattern should be ready by the middle of this month. Fingers crossed, of course. I really did want to have it all finished by the end of this week, but building a whole village is bound to result in delays and missed deadlines. Especially when the architect and general contractor gets distracted with having too much fun.

The photos on this page don't show the entire layout, but they do show how the houses will look when they're finished. I think that the only missing elements are the doorknobs.

Remember when you were very young, and you played for hours and hours with your favorite toy? Your imagination took over, and time seemed to stand absolutely still. Well, I'm no longer young, but this week I played for hours and hours putting the center of the autumn village quilt together.

Once I'd chosen a basic layout, it took forever to decide on placement of the buildings and trees. I wanted the effect to be balanced but not symmetrical, natural rather than stilted, and flowing instead of stagnant. But, it didn't end there. I had to toss in details. I thoroughly indulged in my love of details! It's the details that add life and interest to the quilt. Knowing when to stop may be my greatest challenge.

Tomorrow, I'll start planning the border design. I've ordered a bit of yardage for narrow borders and binding and such, so I'll need to work on other things before I can finish the sewing and quilting. I can make templates for all of the applique pieces and layout sketches. I'll also start typing up the pattern, so that when my fabrics arrive the entire quilt will go together fairly quickly. Then, I'll you'll see the whole thing.

September is off to a good start!
I hope you week is wonderful and amazing.