Friday, May 1, 2015

I am NOT elderly!!

Elderly [el-der-lee] adjective

1. of advanced age; old:
Do you see that? Elderly is just a nice way of saying old! Old? 
These are old:
  • a battered and worn out shoe
  • visitors who stay too long
  • that unidentifiable green muck in the back of the fridge
  • a joke you've heard 100 times
Don't call me elderly!!
It all started with a sewing mishap, of course. 

I bumped the back of my hand against the rotary cutter blade. It was just a tiny little nick, but I didn't want to bleed on the quilt and I didn't want to wait five minutes, so I stuck a bandaid on it and continued work. When I removed the bandaid a few hours later, the tape tore off a bit of skin!

Now I had a larger injury than before! I wasn't about to put another bandaid on that one, so I bandaged it up the old fashioned way with long strips of white gauze because that's all I had. Lovely.

The next day I broke the cycle of procrastination and tackled some yard work. I started with some long overdue pruning on the ancient juniper hedge in front of my house. The bush tackled me right back! It snapped against my arm and tore up a small flap of skin.

What was this with my skin tearing? That's new. I headed straight to Google and learned that skin tears are very common in the elderly and a real problem in nursing homes!

Google, go wash your mouth out with soap. I may be 72 years old, but I will not be defined as elderly!

Now that I've got that off my chest, I can talk about what I've accomplished this week.

I've planted most of my herbs and flowers. I used lots of pots this year. The step ladder herb garden is right in front of that nasty, aggressive juniper bush.

Sometimes things are backwards and life comes from art. This idea came from my wheelbarrow quilt block. That old wheelbarrow had been using up space in my shed for the past 30 years, while the summer leaves on this tree have grown so thick that even grass won't grow in the dense shade. The wheelbarrow helps to fill the barren space. 

These shade tolerant plants should be fine here, but I left them in pots so I can move them easily if they don't do well. 
In the ditch stitching is finished on the slice and dice quilt. Now I'm trying to decide how to quilt it. I signed up for another Angela Walters class on Craftsy, and that has given me some ideas. I really hope I can finish it next week.

Wishing you a super week!

Since I'm not the least bit elderly, I think I'll go out and join the neighbor kiddos in climbing up my apple tree.

Come on over! We'll have a party.