Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"On the Road", a mug rug for campers

It's spring!

At least, it's supposed to be spring, and I admit we have had a few scattered spring-like days. It's certain, though, that spring will soon arrive in full force, and then before we can blink, summer will be on top of us!

It's been a long, long winter and most folks are eagerly looking forward to summer vacations. We'll have a stay-cation this year, but many of my friends are excited about going on a cross country camping trip. Campsites are popping up everywhere, and camping has become more popular than ever.

When I was growing up, my father took us on rare camping excursions. He'd wake us up before dawn and we'd crawl into the car carrying our pillows and still dressed in our pajamas. We'd wake again as the sun came up and find ourselves well on the way to a lake or a river to fish for our breakfast. Sometimes we'd stay the day and sometimes we'd stay longer. We didn't have a camper, so on the nights we camped outdoors, my father and I slept on blankets on the ground.  Mom was not about to sleep on the ground. In fact, she wasn't at all fond of camping. She was terrified of snakes and had no confidence in my dad's idea that a piece of rope laid all around the blanket was the way ward off reptilian creepers. When she couldn't talk my father into finding a motel, she and my baby sister slept in the car.

I haven't gone camping since those long ago family trips. My husband is not the outdoorsy type. In fact, his idea of "roughing it" is staying in a motel instead of a hotel! That's just fine, though. I agreed with mom. Don't make me sleep outside! I loved being surrounded by nature, the hiking, the fishing, and all of that, but waking up covered with mosquito bites is not for me. And I need a place to shower! And a bathroom instead of a bush, for goodness sake!

People keep telling me that I'm missing something wonderful. I'm sure that If we'd had a camper to sleep in and a lovely campsite with running water and such I might have become a convert.

So, I made a mug rug to show the kind of camping experience that I'm sure I would have liked.

Summertime, here we come!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finished! The new yellow purse is done!

So pleased. The yellow purse looks just the way I had hoped it would look!

I bought a new zipper yesterday, and this time it went in place as slick as could be. We learn so much from our mistakes! I'll never be intimidated by recessed zippers again. Quilted pocket flaps, though, are another story. There must be a better way!

Next time I make a recessed zipper I'll take photos so I can post a tutorial.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy all of these lovely pockets.

The bag isn't overly large at all, 15 inches wide at the top and 11 inches tall. It has a 3 inch wide base, so it's nice and roomy.

On to the next project! 

What shall it be? 
Mug rug? 
Another bag? 

Have a lovely day!