Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The New "Baby" at my House

I've been watching and dreaming for years and years, and finally I have a special new baby! 

She is not a puppy or a kitten, or any other cute and furry little creature! Not that I would mind having a cute little pet, but between allergies and intolerance for animal hair on clothes and carpet, furry animals and my house just don't go together very well. 

My new "baby" is something entirely different! 

She's a Baby Lock sewing machine with a lovely wide throat.

And, she needed a complete sewing room makeover. 

After several days of rearranging furniture and figuring out storage space this is what her room looked like. 

The view from the doorway

Her space is waiting.
Other sewing machines had to go. The Singer 201, my indestructible black workhorse, is going to my granddaughter, and the 1905 treadle has been banished to the guest bedroom.
Oops! A bit out of focus.
Once she arrived I needed to do just a bit more rearranging, but now she fits quite nicely.

Sometimes it pays to be patient. 

Now, to figure this thing out! My nose might be buried in the manual for quit a while.

Poor hubby will have to get his own meals for a few days. 

Hope he doesn't get too awfully tired of the one recipe he's perfected.