Friday, June 12, 2015


The Good Part

Let's begin with the sewing progress, because that became the highlight of my week. I wasn't able to even enter my sewing room until Thursday!

I was so excited to finish designing the appliques for the summer table runner!  All are now fused to the background and ready to be stitched in place. If the stars align, the runner may be completed next week. If not next week, then I'll definitely I'll have the pattern out the following week.  Knock on wood! Fingers crossed!

Indoor photos taken on a cloudy day are never the best.
Oh, no! A hubcap has been snitched! 

The trees filled up those empty spaces quite nicely, didn't they?  I may or may not throw in a few little embroidered bits just for fun, but I don't think they're actually necessary.

On to the madness! 

This week's craziness was all my fault. I had told everyone that was we were finished with tradesmen for awhile. I really ought to know better than to say such things out loud. Even thinking them can cause it all to backfire.  Murphy's Law, you know. Self-jinxed again.

Our tenant moved out on Sunday, and when I walked through the empty home the wear and tear of five years occupancy by a man living alone really showed. He'd kept it clean on the surface and was tidy as a pin, but - well, you know.  The work on getting that unit ready began in earnest. We were really fortunate that we were able to coordinate everyone and have it completed in only three days.

Painters: We'd thought that the kitchen alone would need painting, but it turned out that the entire main floor was in need. Why would a person scrub a painted wall with a scouring pad?

Cleaning crew: So many people simply don't have a clue how to keep bathrooms and kitchens from becoming disgusting, and I swear the baseboards hadn't been dusted since he moved in.
Locksmith: The front door couldn't be opened from outside. A latch wouldn't pull completely open. We had to go in through the garage.
Carpenter/handyman: A bifold door was in the closet and missing a part, there was some damage to the front door that needed to be repaired and sanded, and black, moldy bathtub caulking came out.
Plummer: Replaced a broken kitchen faucet.

Carpet cleaners: Good golly, I thought those carpets would never come clean, but a bit of scrubbing and magic steam pulled out those nasty stains and accumulated dust.
Handyman again: Replaced the old bathroom caulk and the bathrooms looks fantastic.

It positively gleams! Come live next door, and we can be sewing buddies! :)

Tomorrow I'll paint the front door and it will be totally ready for new renters. Fingers crossed that we find the right family soon. We're looking for good neighbors, so we don't rent to just anyone.

Here's hoping that all of us have time to lean back this summer, put our feet up, and put our cares away for awhile.

Sun Down, Feet Up
 Pattern by Two Strings found on Craftsy