Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mitten Weather

Autumn is definitely here. My trees are turning wonderful shades of red and gold and my neighbor kiddos are raking the fallen leaves into "jumping piles".  They keep ringing my doorbell and asking me to watch them rake and jump. 

You see, I'm that funny old retired teacher who will sit on the porch and read stories to them or look at the bugs and caterpillars they have found - whether dead or alive, so my doorbell rings a lot! Too much fun!

But, I'd better get back to the point of this blog entry. 

As I said, autumn is here. That means winter is not far behind. And that thought led me to one of my favorite children's poems.

"Thumbs in the thumbs-place,
Fingers all together!
This is the song
We sing in mitten weather."

How perfect for a quick, little project. After "Autumn Flight" and "Snow Family Holiday" I was ready for a super easy mug rug.

Hope you like it!

"Mitten Weather"

If I have time, I might just make a few of these for the neighbor kiddos. 

I wonder how the pattern would look on a little book tote. Hmm...

Have a super day!

... and keep warm this winter!
... and don't forget your hat and mittens!