Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Valentine Butterfly Kisses and Other Sweet Things

Valentine's Day is coming up, but sweetness can come at any time of year. I've had a very sweet start to my week.

My daughter spent Sunday afternoon with us just because she hadn't seen us in a week, my son brought me chocolates yesterday for no reason at all, I've received several sweet notes from customers who have made my artistic efforts so very worthwhile, and I had a brain flash that resulted in a mug rug filled with love.

You know how one random thought can lead to another. I was trying to come up with an idea for a very quick Valentine's Day pattern for this year. The day is all about love, and I had a flashback to my babies. Sometimes I miss them those sweet little hugs and their fluttery, butterfly kisses.

When I thought of them, I knew that butterfly kisses were exactly what I wanted for this project.  I do believe that a butterfly kiss in fabric might look something like this.

I chose some romantic fabrics from my stash, but wouldn't this be sweet in kiddie fabrics? 
The mug rug is really very easy, but cutting out and stitching around the little heart cutouts can be tricky.

These are some tips that may be helpful.

1. Use a very small, sharp scissors when cutting out the hearts. It can be hard to manipulate corners and small curves when you are working through the double layers of fusible web and fabric.

2. If you are stitching the appliques with a buttonhole stitch, you should definitely shorten the stitch to take it around those inside curves. I adjusted the width to be narrower as well.

3. Practice using the blanket stitch before starting. I don't usually have to go around so many inside curves with my blanket stitch, and these are very tight curves, so took it very slowly.

4. If the blanket stitch is new for you, or if you want to review using it for applique, check out this page on my blog.

Wishing everyone a week filled with sweetness!
I'll be nibbling on chocolate while I work on the next project.