Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gathering Ideas for 2015 and Glancing Back at 2014

I've begun a to do list for 2015's patterns, and your ideas could really help me choose the best projects to focus on. What types of projects do you want to sew during the coming year. Mug rugs? Wall hangings? Table toppers? Quilts to snuggle in? Something altogether different? What themes appeal to you? Cats have already been suggested, but some others of you may also want something specific.

Do you have a preference for applique, paper foundation piecing, or traditional piecing? Is there a new technique you'd like to learn?

The more you tell me, the more I can streamline my work and create designs that you want to see.

I've put together a quick review of the patterns that were published during this past year. I make so many that it's sometimes hard to remember exactly what has and has not been done in the past. I find that reviewing helps me to see the gaps in what could or should be.

It truly has been a very productive year. I was surprised that I've made 35 patterns! Some go much more quickly than others, but it averages out to one new design completed every ten days. That's a lot of sewing, but I have loved every minute of it!

I organized the patterns in several categories.

 Fifteen Mug Rugs:
Somehow I managed to miss a couple of them in the photo collage below. I will make more mug rugs next year, but I doubt that there will be as many as there were this year. Is there anything special you'd like to see in these quick, but practical, mini quilts?

 Two Lap Quilts:
I made only two of these this year. I'd like to remake the Snowball Fight quilt in quilting fabrics if I have time, but I'm not sure about whether or not I'll make others. What do you think? Is there a special lap quilt, baby quilt, or other small quilt that you'd really like to make?

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Twelve Quilt Along Blocks:
My goodness, but "Home" was a delight! So much fun, but very labor intensive, too. I am considering another quilt along or maybe even two, but whatever I create next year will be on a much smaller scale. What are your thoughts about quilt alongs?

Five Table Toppers and Runners:
I love making these because I use them so much in my own home. I do plan more for the next year. Shall I limit myself to seasonal or holiday themes or shall I try for more general designs. I don't know. You'll have to help me out on this.

One Tooth Fairy Pillow:

 Or was it a mug rug?

This was probably the most fun of my projects this year. I love sewing for children, but it's hard to come up with unique ideas. Can you suggest something else?

Free Patterns:
In addition to the new patterns, I added three of the older ones to my group of free patterns. I do intend to add more this coming year.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful year of stitching!

I'm making my list and checking it twice!
With your help next year will be even more exciting and fun.