Friday, July 11, 2014

A tour of the 2014 Lincoln Quilter's Guild "Quilt Fest"

How could I possibly resist a chance to spend a morning looking at beautiful quilts? Never mind that for the first time in years none of my quilting friends could go. It seems to be vacation weekend. Some folks are gone, others have a house full of guests.

But, wild horses couldn't keep me away from this event. The local quilter's guild only hosts this show every other year and I wasn't about to miss it. So off I went on my own, and I enjoyed every minute.

As always, with local shows, there is a huge range of skills and talent on display. Very ordinary quilts were mixed in with very extraordinary quilts, modern and traditions quilts shared display space, and the quilts came in every size and shape imaginable. I took tons of photos, but I've chosen those I consider most unique or interesting to share with you.

Applique in log cabin blocks. Yum!
From a distance this looks like a traditional pattern made with batiks. But look how that curved piece is made. Clever! Think I might want to give this technique a try one of these days.

The quilting on this just blew my mind! This isn't a little bitty whole cloth quilt. It's bed size!  I can't help but wonder how many spools of thread were used.

I'm such a sucker for trees! These skinny wall hangings are at least 6 feet tall.

I love the way this bark was made! Batiks are so versatile for depicting nature.

Winter fun. More very tall quilts. Is this a new trend in wall hangings? The snow man applique is at least 4 1/2 fee tall, so the entire quilt must be 7 feet or more in height.

This tree reminds me of the one I placed in the paper pieced Christmas quilt I designed and made years ago. My tree is a good deal smaller, though, and definitely not so very tall.

A paper doll quilt! I've been wanting to design one for a very long time. The woman who made it said that she grew up playing with paper dolls. This was a gift for her granddaughter. The child liked it, but didn't know what paper dolls were. The grandmother thought that the quilt might mean more to her than it does to the grandchild

Lots of modern quilts were on display. These are a few of my favorites for today.

I'm feeling inspired!

Now I need to get busy on my own quilts.