Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Quilt That's Creating Itself

I'm afraid that I have no say at all about what this quilt will look like. It's the ultimate mystery quilt. I get bits and pieces of it from one day to the next, but not the whole design. It's the elves, you know. There's just a bit of magic about them.

The original plan was to make a North Pole quilt with houses and workshops and such. As you know, I can't resist sketching houses. Two buildings were ready to go onto a background fabric, but then, the elves started talking to me.

Elf #1 started it all. He just jumped in and started talking. What a shock! I almost fainted! We had an actual back and forth conversation. In fact, we talked so much, that at lunch my husband asked who I had been talking to on the phone all morning.

Elf #1: You don't want to make houses for this quilt. You need to show us. Elves are much more interesting than houses.
Me: But, I like houses.
#1: You were the little girl who loved paper dolls. I remember. Making us is even more fun than playing paper dolls.
Me: You don't look old enough to remember that far back, but you're right. I used to make lots of new clothes for my paper dolls.
#1: Yes, you did. Now you can make clothes for us.
Me: That might be fun. I can put in tons of detail, too.
 #1: Be careful, Karen. You tend to put in too much detail.
Me: I know. Sigh...
 #1: We both need to get to work. There is so much to do and so little time. It's almost Christmas Eve, you know.
Me: Of course. But, I don't know what you look like. Can you help me out?
#1: Well, let's see. I have dark hair, and I've starting counting calories. Mrs. Claus's cookies are the absolute best. 
Me: And, what are you doing to help Santa?
#1: Today, I'm carrying packages from the wrapping room to the packing area.
Me: What else in on this quilt?
#1: We'll let you know later.  It's Christmas. It's magical, and you are supposed to be surprised. Now, start drawing!

Elf #2 didn't want to talk at first.  #1 told me that she's still young and quite shy. She had ag Christmas ornament in her hand. I had to be careful not to frighten her.

Me: Oh, you're carrying an ornament. How pretty.
#2: It's red.
Me: Are you going to put in on the tree?
#2: (Shakes her head, no.)
Me: Is it going in a package?
#2: (Shakes her head, no.)
Me: Are you hanging it with mistletoe?
#2: (Shakes her head, no.)
Me: What will you do with it, then?
#2: (Comes close and whispers to me.) I'm giving a pretty ornament to Vixen, 'cause she's my favorite. I'll show her to you.
Me: Oh, my goodness! Vixen is lovely! I'm glad you're giving her your ornament. It looks so pretty on her antler.

Today, I'm looking for Elf #3. I don't know where he is or what he's doing. I think we're playing hide and seek.

I'll keep you posted on the rest of the story as it unfolds.

Exactly six months until Christmas!