Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Dance and Other Spring Mug Rugs

This mug rug makes me smile. I do love spring.

When my daffodils came into full bloom a week or so ago, I knew that I had to make a mug rug for them. I added a crocus for color, even though crocuses bloomed earlier. The butterflies haven't made an appearance yet, but the ants are out, so the butterflies will be fluttering about in no time. I used my artistic license card and tossed them all on the same mug rug. I love that card!

I know I've said this before, but when there several small pieces in an applique, it really helps to use an applique pressing sheet. I put each flower together one layer at a time. The pressing sheet is almost clear, so with my layout sketch underneath, it was easy to see where to place each piece of the applique. When a flower was completed, I peeled it off the sheet in one piece to arrange on the background.

The layering process.

A bit of embroidery adds detail. You know that I love those little details. I used free motion quilting to add depth and movement. The butterflies and daffodils really do seem to be dancing in the spring breeze.

Easter, May Day, and Mother's Day will be her soon, so here are a few other mug rug ideas for the season. All can be found in my Craftsy pattern store.

2015 Quilt Along, Bunny and Basket
Mom Mug Rug

Lily Mug Rug
Spring Tulips Mug Rug
Baskets for Mom
Have I missed a spring flower in my mug rugs? If so, I'll need to correct that.
Happy April!!