Saturday, February 27, 2016

Progress and The Splendid Sampler Gallery, Part 1

Coming Soon

It's been a great week for quilting! I've finished sewing my new, spring table topper, and I'll start writing the pattern today. If all goes well, the pattern will be completed and published next week.

The Splendid Sampler

You'll be hearing more about this quilt along in coming weeks. I'll add photos of the new 6" blocks each weekend. There will be 100 blocks altogether. That sounds like a lot of work until you consider it being only two small blocks each week. I would love to share your photos here as well. The Splendid Sampler facebook page has so many photos, that most of them get lost in the crowd. My blog will only have those that you chose to share.   Send your photos to me ( and I'll  post all new photos each weekend.

There have only been four blocks so far, but I can tell that I'll enjoy the Splendid Sampler quilt along immensely. I'm already facing challenges and learning new tricks with these blocks, and that's just what I need. A good quilter's workout should really help me to grow. Two blocks a week doesn't seem overwhelming, and the idea of having 100 unique blocks at the end of the process is exciting.

The main fabrics I'm using are from "Mon Ami" by Basic Gray, but I'll toss in others, I'm sure. With so many different kinds of blocks, there are bound to be some scraps from my stash here and there.

If you haven't signed up for the quilt along you can follow this link to learn all about it.

These are my first four blocks.

I did it again. I confess that I altered a couple of the patterns Some of simply can't leave patterns exactly as they are designed. But it's okay! The Quilt Police are a myth! I tipped the heart in the first block and I added a handle and spout to the vase in the fourth block.

Block #2 and Block #3 were challenges for me. Piecing with tiny triangles is a skill that I definitely need to work on. Eventually, I'll remake #2. It's not acceptable at all. I don't like chopped off points.

Your Blocks

From Dixie Moore

Dixie says,

"I didn’t begin tracing the pieces for Block 4 until nearly suppertime because I spent much of the day wrestling with how I want to proceed.  I’m not certain I want to stay with the Fossil Fern collection.  So, I dug up a collection of old-fashioned blues and white that I had from another project I never made. I may want to try that color combination instead. I felt I had to make a few in order to compare. It’s so early in the game, I wouldn’t mind re-doing the other three blocks in the blues and white. I’m sure you feel as I do: I have to love the fabrics and the way they begin to communicate with each other as I do my work. I’m not feeling that, at least not yet, with the Fossil Fern."

The fifth block will be revealed on Sunday! I can't wait!