Thursday, June 26, 2014

A new grandson and a tooth fairy pillow

I'd like to introduce you to my new grandson!

This is Charlie.

Charlie is six years old, and I adopted him just two weeks ago. 

This wasn't an ordinary adoption.
You see, I adopted his parents and Charlie came with them. A package deal. 

His mom is my daughter's assistant, all around miracle worker, and saint. She also has a terrific sense of humor and is an absolute delight in every way. Her name is Becky. Charlie's dad, Bryan, is just as amazing. I adopted the whole crew. 

I love telling stories!
So, here goes ...

It was the second day after my son's surgery. He was doing very well. That morning he decided that he'd like some prunes. Prune juice that he could have ordered from patient room service wouldn't do at all. He wanted nice, moist, whole prunes.  I'm the mom whose son had just undergone a major ordeal, so I set off through the hospital on a search.

As I've mentioned before, this hospital is a huge complex of several very large buildings connected by large hallways, wide underground tunnels, and numerous elevators. I knew of two cafeterias, a restaurant and a Starbucks. I had also found two little convenience shops, a drugstore, and a couple of gift shops. Prunes should be easy. Hospitals are all about good health, aren't they?


If I had wanted candy, cake, pie, ice-cream, cookies, chips, or anything else that is loaded with fat, sugar, and salt, I was in just the right location. But dried fruit? Trail mix? Not to be found. If I'd only had my car I'd have ventured out into Omaha to find prunes, but I was living in the hotel in the hospital and my car was at home in Lincoln. I gave up. We'd just have to order the prune juice.

I mentioned the lack of prunes in an email to my daughter. She works in Omaha but on this day she was in Lincoln with a large number of other folks, including Becky. They were in the middle of a training session for work when my daughter got my email.  She told Becky about the prunes dilemma.

Becky came up with a solution. No surprise there. This was Becky, the miracle worker. She picked up her phone and texted Bryan, who was at home in Omaha taking care of Charlie. Charlie wasn't feeling too well that day, but his daddy bundled him into the van and off they went to the grocery store. Within half an hour this lovely man, whom I had never met, arrived at the hospital with a smile, a big hug, and a bag of prunes!

Whoa! I was blown away by the kindness of this family! Who goes out of their way with a sick child in tow just to buy a bag of prunes and deliver it to a stranger?

So you see, I really did have no choice. I adopted the whole family immediately! I sent another email off. With this one I informed Becky that the three of them were now part of my family and, like it or not, they were stuck with a new mom, mother-in-law, and grandma.

My lovely new family members.

The story isn't finished, yet! 
Keep reading.

My new grandson just lost his first tooth!

Charlie didn't have a tooth fairy pillow and he needed one right away - before another tooth fell out!

And who's the lucky grandma with the sewing machines?  

A chance to sew for a brand new grandson! Ooh, happy dance time! 

Charlie got his tooth fairy pillow in plenty of time for the next tooth!

And I hope we all live happily ever after!

Charlie's tooth fairy pillow.

One more thing:

Since I'd already made the pillow, I made a pattern, too. 

And a tooth fairy mug rug, as well. 

                          who knows ...

I just might adopt a granddaughter one of these days.

Happy Stitching, Everyone!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Summer has officially arrived!

How are you spending your summer? 
At the beach? 
By a pool? 
In your garden? 
In a cool air-conditioned indoor space?

Summer is barely here, but the holiday season begins in just a few months! I will need to start thinking about fall and winter patterns very soon! So I went browsing through my patterns today, taking an inventory or what I have and what I might add. 

As I looked through my files, I suddenly realized that I've produced a huge number of summer themed patterns in this past year. It is only June, so there is still time to whip up at least one more summer project before the madness of holiday sewing begins. 

I decided to post just a few of those patterns to help you get ideas for a final summer quilting adventure. Remember, I'm not the only pattern designer out there. Craftsy is filled with wonderful patterns by numerous indie designers. Check them all out. 

But, I hope you start with mine!

At the beach: 
Beach Summer

August Plunge

In the garden:
Quilt Along Block 2

Baskets for Mom

On the Road

Yummy summer fruit:

Cherry Pie, Christmas Pie

Keeping cool:

Flippity Flop Mug Rugs for Everyone

Totally relaxed:
Sun Down, Feet Up