Saturday, March 21, 2015

Quilting Patterns to Help You Spruce Up for Spring

Birds are everywhere, bits of green are beginning to show here and there in treetops, and small green shoots are pushing up from the bare, brown earth. Spring is just beginning to smile down on my little corner of the world. I'm ready to banish the dark, warm tones of winter and brighten my home with the cheerful colors and symbols of the new season.

I've been going through my patterns and projects and pulled some of the best spring ideas for you to peruse.

Easter is coming up quickly, and with sunshine and rain the first flowers will prepare to bloom. You might want to try one of these mug rugs for April.

April House



Spring Tulips

April Showers

QA 2015 Bunny and Basket

Mother's Day is the big holiday in May, but the month is also known for its abundance of flowers. I'll start with Mother's Day.

Baskets for Mom


May Mischief

If you want something larger, this table runner and pair of mug rugs may be just the thing.
Spring Table Runner

I already have the table runner on display and several of the mug rugs are scattered around on my table tops. When I finish the 2015 "Summer Garden" wall hanging, it will be the first thing to go on my wall.

I Love Spring!!
Hope you have a good one!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Choosing Applique Thread, and Switching Fabric Colors

Choosing Thread

I've had much more experience with machine applique in the past two years than I had during all the previous years of quilting.  I no longer grab the nearest thread of the right color, but I've learned to choose from a variety of thread types to attach applique pieces. The thread choice depends on the effect I want to create.

If I want the edges of the applique to blend in or disappear, I will use a matching 60 weight polyester thread. This thread is so fine that it becomes nearly unnoticeable.

Here it is on my Spring Table Runner. With any zigzag stitch, this thread will come closest to looking like hand applique.

If I want the applique to have the old fashioned appearance of a blanket stitch made by hand, I'll opt for black in a 50 weight cotton thread.

This is how it looks on the Elephant Walk bib and in this mug rug from Alphabet Soup.

Lately, I've been using a 40 weight rayon thread more and more. Sometimes I want the stitching in matching thread to stand out and be noticed. This heavier weight thread with it's lovely, silky shimmer does the trick.

This is a section of the trellis block I'm working on for this year's quilt along.  To make the trellis recede into the background, I stitched that piece with 50 weight cotton in an exact color match to the fabric. In contrast, the thicker rayon in the flowers and leaves gives texture and dimension to them making them pop out from the background trellis.  

Color Switches

When I made the wheelbarrow for the 2015 Garden quilt along I found myself using pink and purple fabrics. It totally changed the appearance of the whole quilt.  As you can see in the closeup photo of the trellis block above, I've added another large block in pink and purple. Now a couple of the first pair of blocks seem to clash. I think I will likely need to remake one butterfly and one heart so the colors are better balanced.

That's what happens when I design as I go, and it's the way I usually work. I'm very often surprised by my finished project, but for me, that's one of the most exciting elements in designing. I love discovering something lovely that was completely unexpected. It does call for a redo of some parts now and then, but if it makes a positive difference in the outcome, I don't mind reworking things at all.

The color clash is much more evident in real life than it is in the photo. Can you see which two blocks may need to be remade?

I'm determined to finish this little quilt completely before I start something new or work on any of the other projects in progress.  I have way too many irons in the fire right now, and that can be stressful. I'm retired! I can set my own goal and deadlines. And, who could possible want to create more stress in their life?

Today is the first day of spring!!

Wishing you a 
VeryHappy Spring!
(in purple, of course)