Friday, February 5, 2016

Blessing Undisguised

Someone has been watching over us, and I've had a magical week.

My surgery on Monday went perfectly, and my daughter was with me almost the entire day. The snow didn't begin until very late, long after she was home with her dad.

Tuesday, while the wind swept blinding snow into deep drifts throughout the city, nurses pampered me and catered to my every need. In between naps I browsed the internet and came up with several ideas for new patterns. I didn't have my sketchbook, so I filled Pinterest with seed thoughts.

A half dozen phone calls or more calmed my panicked hubby, and he and our daughter spent a wonderful, relaxed day enjoying each other in the most meaningful way.

Public schools and city colleges took a snow day, so my grandchildren were thrilled with having a school day when they could sleep in.  My neighbor bundled up and spent hours playing with his new snowblower. He cleared my driveway and sidewalk several times - partly to help out, but mainly just for fun. To top it off, the groundhog didn't see his shadow so winter is almost over!

The snowplow came by and cleaned out street early Wednesday morning and I came home before lunchtime feeling much better than anyone had anticipated. I'll be having two nap days for awhile, I'm sure, but I think I'll have the energy and focus to work in my sewing room next week.

Yesterday, my new stove arrived right after lunch. The floor underneath the old stove was really dirty, but my deliverymen volunteered to scrub it for me before they set up the new one! As I said, someone has been watching out for me this week.

The new stove is so pretty! I didn't chose a fancy glass top because I won't give up my heavy cast iron cookware or my pressure cooker. Since my house is not set up for gas, the stove is very basic with coil burners. I've been promised that the oven will cook evenly, so I'm as happy as can be.

Last week slapstick comedy dominated, but this week was all guardian angels and fairy godmothers. February is looking good.