Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bedtime Story

"Bedtime Story Pillow". 12" x 16" Pattern link  

It's a pillow top called "Bedtime Story". It's scrappy, colorful, and fun.  With the combination of books and two little pets, it had to be happy. Who could forget the sweet times spent reading a child to sleep?

Reading in bed these past few months has reminded me of those years when I read bedtime stories to small children. My children, and later my grandchildren, and I would squeeze onto a chair or tumble into bed together, and I'd read until my audience dozed off. The same books appeared over and over on the list of choices. The stories were quickly memorized, so we would "read" them together. Such warm and loving memories.

One down, one just getting started.

On to a new project tomorrow, I hope. I have a couple of ideas, so it's basically a matter of choosing one over the other.