Thursday, June 19, 2014

Time to Celebrate!

With a mother's happy heart I'm definitely in the mood for celebration.

My son is doing remarkably well following a truly major and frightening surgery. The doctors are sure they were able to remove all of the malignancy, and though he'll need follow up with an oncologist, we are feeling tremendously optimistic. He's come home to our house for a week or two to regain his strength and mobility. Such a change from the two weeks after the diagnosis when we were so worried about the surgery and it's outcome!

For the first time in several weeks I've had the time and the motivation to work in my sewing room. My first project could be nothing other than an expression of my relief and happiness.

I can't think of anything that speaks to celebration more than the vision of glasses clinking together cheerfully.  This newest mug rug makes me feel all warm and happy as I count my blessings and remember to take life one day at a time. 

Cheers, everyone!

"Cheers" mug rug

This was one of those rare patterns that flew together without a hitch. I did have to pick up three new fat quarters of purple fabric, so you'll be seeing purple in another project or two one of these days.

When my children were small I never imagined that I would still worry and fret about them when they were nearing fifty years old, but problems arise at every stage of life and parents remain parents forever. Right now, I'm enjoying the chance to pamper my son a bit and giving thanks as he makes daily progress on the road back to good health.

That's everything for today
from a very happy mama!