Saturday, June 27, 2015

Traffic Jams and Roundabouts

This week my brain has been functioning like summer traffic moving through road construction. The traffic is barely crawling and I keep running into unexpected detours. I'm getting nowhere.

The first plan was to do something with the pumpkins that designed last year - maybe a table topper or a table runner. I had a couple of ideas, but when I pulled out my autumn fabrics and sat down to sketch I found myself drawing ice skates. When I was young, ice skating was my very most favorite winter sport ever, so I've wanted to do something with that for a very long time. Skates, however, were not at all what I had planned for this week.

I tried to forget about them and get back to pumpkins, but still, the skates wouldn't go away. I previewed fabric options, but none of them make me go, "Ahh, yes!"

 These are the best of my choices so far.

Our quartet of quilting buddies is heading off on our summer fabric shop hop around southern Nebraska this Monday (hooray!!), so I'm hoping to find the perfect skate fabrics then. I know they're out there. We'll have a lovely giggle-fest, too, and that is so good for the soul.

In the meanwhile, skates have been forced to the side, and I'm back to pumpkins. This detour is taking me around and around in circles!

My fabrics with last year's pumpkins

Square table topper, rectangular table runner or something else? Help! 

One thought.
Maybe I should start all over with a completely different something for this weekend. Something like a quick mug rug, maybe, or that sewing machine cover I need to make.

Then, again, I may just stay away from my sewing room altogether for a few days to give my creative brain a bit of a rest. Maybe it's time to pull a weed or two from my flower bed and wait for the road blocks to come down. 

Wishing you a wonderful week with smooth traveling all the way!