Saturday, June 20, 2015

On Vacation ... If Wishes Were Fishes

"If wishes were fishes, we all have a fry." I could really use a vacation about now, but I'm afraid a real vacation will have to wait awhile. At this moment, though, we are completely finished with workers coming and going along with those headaches of dealing with the house. That's enough to make the days feel as relaxing as a vacation.

Oops. Shouldn't have written that! I'd better knock on wood quickly now! Hope I'm not too late!

Our neighbor girls are unbelievably excited about the new tenants. They've been the only girls in the neighborhood, but the new family has an eight-year-old girl. That makes for two eight-year-old girls and one 6 year-old girl right next door to each other.  The three girls can't seem to get enough of each other,  so we live in a very happy building. There's a whole lot of giggling going on!

"On Vacation" has another meaning this week. After seemingly endless interruptions, the pattern for my vacation themed table runner/wall hanging is finished! Talk about happy dance time!

Making the pattern didn't seem as difficult as getting the photographs for this one. I must have taken twenty or more photos over the past few days, and I'm not entirely thrilled with any of them. Because of that I had a horrible time deciding which photos to use on the Craftsy pattern page. Please pop over there and take a look. Should I choose one of the others for the main photo? I've been switching back and forth half the day, but I'm still not sure.

These are the current first and second choice photos - in no particular order. Both were taken in the same location, but one was in bright sunshine and the other taken later in the day when the area was shaded.

The sunny photo feels more artistic, but the shaded one shows the details of the quilt better. I really would like to hear your opinion on this. There are other photos on the pattern page, too, so several to choose from. It's very easy for me to switch it up. 

I made another trip to the fabric store this afternoon, and this time I came home with some autumn fabrics. These are totally different than my usual color and design choices. Instead of bright whites and softer colors, I'm staring at black and bright, bright orange! I'm also wondering if I've lost my mind. How on earth am I going to make this work?

Have a super week.

And, keep cool!!

We've suddenly jumped straight into summer heat and humidity. Even though I moaned and groaned, I'm going to miss the cool, rainy first part of June. 

I'm ending with a pair of blocks made by Hannah Ford for the Quilt Along 2015. Adorable, aren't they?