Sunday, June 4, 2017

From Ants to Picnics

"Summer Picnic" 20" x 24" Pattern Link

Ideas can come from the oddest places.  The new summer picnic wall hanging was inspired by the ants who woke up and discovered my kitchen this spring. Every year we have the battle over who owns the counter top and the area under the sink. Eventually, I won, but I still check my kitchen thoroughly every morning.

With ants on my mind and a need for a fun summer pattern, the picnic wall hanging was born. Who ever heard of a picnic without ants?

I started with the basket and the food, then I pondered the ants. How big should they be? I didn't want the ants to be the main focus, so I kept them tiny and unobtrusive, a surprise to be discovered by the close observer.

I embroidered them, but it would probably be much easier to draw them in with a permanent marker - a very fine tipped marker.

I think the little pests would look better with thinner legs and antennae. It's a bit late now, but if I were to do them over, I'd use medium gray sewing thread instead of the single strand of black embroidery floss.

In case you were wondering, I discovered a super weapon in my battle with the ants. I normally use vinegar for cleaning, and if it's used regularly, it does help to keep the ants at bay. One day, I ran out of vinegar, so I cleaned the counter top with leftover Formula 409.  I also sprayed a bit into the under the sink and into the dishwasher, which was their main point of entry. The little pests are totally gone. I don't blame them. I don't like the fumes of chemical cleaners either.

Wishing you a lovely week!