Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Quilt Along for Spring of 2015

I enjoyed last year's quilt along so much that I've embarked on a another similar, but much shorter journey. Last year's project was huge! I know some of you were exhausted with trying to keep up.

Others were moving so fast that I couldn't keep up with you. Glenda, for instance, finished up her blocks within hours of the patterns coming out! She was one of those whose enthusiasm was just enormously contagious. The quilters who participated, who sent emails, made comments on my facebook page, and shared photos, were the driving force that pushed me along and kept me from losing momentum even when I was facing other challenges. Thank you all for helping me to keep my sanity during some very bleak moments.

This time around I'm giving us all a break and creating a wall hanging that will be much smaller and finish up much faster. I've named it "Summer Garden". Before adding borders, the finished quilt as planned will only be 22" x 26", and it will be completed this May. There are ten blocks altogether, but some of them are so quick and simple that I'm publishing them in pairs.

New patterns will come out at the first of every month. Some months I'll publish one block, other months a pair of blocks. January's pair of blocks is free, and the four upcoming monthly patterns will be priced at $2.00 each.

I'm working with scraps again. Not only am I trying to use my stash, but I really do like the scrappy look.

I hope you can tell that I'm using my favorite white background again. I can't seem to get the whites to look white in my photos. They always come out gray. If you know how I can achieve whiter whites with my little point-and-shoot please send me your advice. Doesn't this remind you of those commercials for laundry detergents and bleach? Yes, please. Tell me how to "Get whiter whites and brighter brights in one easy step".

One of these days I'll step out of the white background comfort zone and solve the photograph problem, but not quite yet. I like white.

But, on to the pattern ...

These are the January blocks. Each of these first four finishes to 4" x 4".

This is how the first four blocks fit into the quilt layout.

Did you notice the mystery 5" x 5" block? Five inches square isn't very large, but right now it's just a big question mark.  What on earth should I do to fill it? I love this layout, but I honestly don't know what else the quilt needs. Garden gloves? Lady bugs? A big blossom? A watering can? Please help me come up with the perfect idea! Suggestions would be so very welcome!

For now my layout features one-inch sashings, but that could change. I'm considering two-inch pieced sashings as well. I'm not quite ready to limit my options. If I were to enlarge the sashings the quilt would grow to 26" x 31" and a border would still have to be added. I wonder if pieced sashings would clutter it up too much. Thank goodness there's plenty of time to decide before we have to put it all together.

Starting tomorrow I'll be working on sketches and choosing scraps for February's pattern.
Look for birds and a spade next month.

Wishing you a super-duper, extra special weekend!!

And, don't forget to send in ideas for the empty five-inch square!


  1. Looking forward to your new mini quilt....looks like fun....thanks two strings

    1. Thanks, Maggie. I hope you join in on this one.

  2. Adorable - as always. Looking forward to joining you on this one :)

    1. Thanks, Edith. The more the merrier! When people start to send in photos it really gets fun!

  3. Here is my suggestion on how to photograph your white background fabric. You want to get the fabric as close to sunlight as you can, and most importantly the sun should be hitting the fabric from the side, at an angle. So try to find a window and note what time of day the sun first hits the window (that way the sun is coming in at an angle, not from straight overhead.) Put the block as close to the window as possible. If waiting for the sun is to much of a hassle you can bounce the light from a light source off a white foam board held as close to the block at an angle as possible. You will probably need as assistant to hold the light reflector/diffuser (ie the white foam board) while you take the photo.

    1. Thanks, Denise. I really appreciate your input on this. I've been trying to get sunlight photos, but I think I'll add the foam board reflector to try to diffuse the light a bit. Sometimes the shadows cast by the sun are too deep.

    2. A blue jay bird or robin would be nice for spring!!

    3. I love birds in quilts, so I'm sure there will be more as time goes by.

  4. A blue jay bird or a robin would nice for spring!