Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Splendid Sampler Gallery and Floss, Before and After

The Gallery

I've learned that two other participants are using the same Mon Ami fabric line that I'm using. I've really enjoyed seeing how we each interpret the blocks. It's surprising that the same fabrics in the same blocks can look so different.

Two new blocks came out this week, and we were also given two bonus blocks. It was quite a chunk for just one week, and between sewing a purse and working on a tutorial, I was really pressed to keep up. I'm afraid I decided to skip one bonus block altogether. I've done it before and I'm sure it won't be the last block I skip or postpone for later.

These are my three blocks for the week. They're out of order, I know, but the one that came first ties into the before and after floss pics, so I've placed it third.

I enjoyed this bonus block from Pat Sloan. It was easy and fun. I spent more time choosing fabrics than I did making the block!
Bonus Block: Just for You

The 1" checkerboard was so good for me. Lots of little pieces are still a challenge, but at these were all squares, so it went smoothly. Finding that scant 1/4" is tricky. I've finally chosen the only quarter inch foot from my collection that is accurate, and I refuse to use any of the others. I had no idea there could be so much variance - just a hair, but that hair can really throw measurements off.
Block 12: Checkerboard

Block 11 was a learning experience. First I learned that if you try to use any old embroidery floss you just might have to unpick a big section of floss that clashes and ruins the entire effect, and that unpicking takes a looong time. I ended up with an emergency trip to Michael's. Then, while I was getting the matching floss I picked up a floss organizer and a couple of other items. What a difference an organizer makes! I have no idea why I didn't buy one years ago.
Block 11 Crocheted Thoughts

Floss, Before and After

I spent several evenings winding floss while listening to music or watching Netflix. Where did all the pink and green come from?



Your Blocks

Dixie Moore

I thought I was doing well until Dixie sent in a photo of all of her blocks together. Remember how busy she was last week with a bargello quilt and a slew of spring mug rugs? I can't believe that she caught up and hasn't yet missed a single block! The Easter block in the second row and the middle block in the top row of her photo are two of the bonus blocks I've missed so far. 

Dixie has summed up the feelings of most of us participating in the quilt along.  
" Blocks in semi-finished state. Want to add something to pale blue heart...words or maybe a small flower. Pat Sloan's Checkerboard is probably too somber, so I cut out a new set of squares to be sewn together. This project is turning into a most enjoyable activity. Love thinking, love the anticipation, and I enjoy seeing how others interpret the designs."

Dixie's first 15 blocks. The blues are working out so nicely!
The Easter block in the second row and the middle block in the top row are two of the bonus blocks I've missed so far.  

Marge Colleran

Marge continues to work at a pace that feels comfortable. She has her priorities in the right place. This isn't a race. It's meant to be fun!

Marge explained it well. 
" I stitched a little each day and am sending my latest blocks to you.  Friends around the Square may have to be redone and others still need some embellishing.  I am always looking forward to the next block."

Block number 13 comes out tomorrow. I hope I have time to work on it right away, but my to do list is growing by leaps and bounds: A purse tutorial to work on, a second new purse, more than a dozen requests for a particular apron pattern, block 4 for the Kitty Craft quilt along, a new round of fifth grade book talks, and I really want to work on a mug rug. Somewhere in there we'll have to eat, too. 

It's good to have goals, but we all need to take time to smell the flowers. 
I won't get everything done as quickly as I'd like, but I definitely won't lose sleep over any of it. 
Besides, tomorrow is Easter.

Wishing all of you a beautiful Easter!


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