Friday, April 15, 2016

The Last Kitten and Struggling to the Finish Line

I made it! I wanted this last kitten block for "Kitty Craft" to be out by mid April, but, to be honest, I didn't think I'd even come close to my deadline. He's a cutie, but this little guy fought me every step along the way.

The journey with these kitties has been quite an adventure. Fitting a busy kitten or two into a specific space was much harder than I'd imagined it might be. I threw out tons of ideas for crafts the cats might play with simply because they wouldn't stay confined to the shape and size of my blocks.

This last kitten went through quite a metamorphosis this past several day. I was sure I had it all figured out on Monday. I whipped up the block and it looked just fine. My little kitty was so cute looking straight out at me with guilt written all over him. I put him in place on the design board, wrote on the pattern for awhile, and went to bed happy.

When I walked into the sewing room Tuesday morning, though, the kitten looked just plain wrong! As I was designing and stitching the block I'd visualized the little face, but a straight forward silhouette has no face. And his head was too big!

Back to the drawing board! I redesigned and stitched the entire block again in time for a late lunch. It was perfect! I put the kitty in place on the design board. Then I took the companion heart block upstairs to work on writing the pattern. The rest would be smooth sailing. There was only one little star block to whip up quickly and then I'd have most of Wednesday and all day Thursday to finish writing the pattern.

I took the heart block downstairs quite late in the evening, and looked at the design board. The kitten looked funny. It took a few minutes to figure out that to show him trying to get to the flower, he desperately needed a second front leg. Thank goodness he's black! I carefully removed the blanket stitching on the front of his chest, inserted a leg, and stitched the new leg in place. I went to bed very happy.

Metamorphosis of a Kitten

That was the night the gremlins chose to come visiting again. They hadn't played a trick on me in quite awhile, so I guess they thought they owed me a super big one. They stole the hearts!! Honestly, they did. I turned the entire house upside down, searched everywhere - including waste baskets! Now In addition to the star block I had to make the hearts all over again. Sigh. All the pieces were finished and on the design board Wednesday afternoon, but I had no time to write on the pattern in the evening. I did not go to bed happy.

Thursday morning I wrote like a mad woman. By noon my head was woozy, my knees were stiff from sitting, my back hurt, and I definitely needed to get away. I met a friend for lunch and did a bit of shopping. I even took a nap when I came home. The pattern would just be late. 

After dinner, though, I got a second wind, and by the time I went to bed the pattern was finished!

Tonight, I truly will go to bed happy!

Look at that! 
Only one very small block and the borders to go! I just might get the last of the pattern out in May - right on schedule. 
Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh my, what a troublesome kitty this one has been - he must really be ginger coloured when not in silhouette!!! Yes, I also have gremlins in my home, except mine move my specs around at least once a day!!! I find them in places such as the laundry basket in the shed, up on the top shelf of my bookcase in the spare room, in a pile of dirty dishes - very naughty!! The quilt looks absolutely wonderful and I'm looking forward to starting mine. Cheers

    1. I'm sure you're right, Sarah. This must be a ginger cat. As for the gremlins, what can one say? They seem to be everywhere recently. In my house, they particularly like to play in my sewing room. I wonder if they've had a sudden population explosion. lol

  2. Saw these quilt block patterns on Craftsy and fell instantly in love. I have 3 feline children and see them in this quilt. I'm hoping to be able to buy the patterns in a month then start my very first quilt! I'm already thinking of fabric prints to use and hoping my first trip to the quilt shop (lots of fabric by what I see driving to and from work) will have what i want. Been thinking about fabric patterns for the cats instead of black silhouettes. :)

    1. Hi Dawn. I'm delighted that you like this little quilt. Any fabrics can be used for the cats, and it would very easy to add small buttons for eyes or noses. When you get started, please feel comfortable to ask for guidance should you need it. These are the fabrics you will need: • Background fabric for blocks and first border, 2 yards
      • Background or other fabric for scalloped border, 2/3 yard
      • Contrast fabric for narrow border and bias binding, ¾ yard
      • Black for cats, one fat quarter
      • Assorted scraps for appliques, 1 yard total
      • Fusible web
      • Thread
      • Quilt backing, 1½ yards (Cut to 40” x 46”.)
      • Batting, 38” x 44”