Sunday, August 14, 2016

When the Lights Go Out, Go Shopping!

It isn't very nice, I know, but I was thrilled when last week's thunderstorm caused an electrical outage in my granddaughter's neighborhood. 

The storm was noisy and woke me up early that morning. I don't normally look at Facebook first, but I was being extra quiet so as not to wake my hubby. I was surprised to find that my granddaughter was posting on Facebook at the very same time. Her day off hadn't started out well at all. Her husband had already gone to work, and she was sitting alone in the dark waiting for the lights to come back on. She had no hot water for a shower, no air conditioning, and no morning cup of coffee.

"Come on over," I typed. "I have a cool house, lots of hot water for a shower, coffee ready to go, and I would love to visit with you." In half an hour we were sharing breakfast at my table.

Sara and Tim have their own apartment now, and Sara had developed a sudden interest in my quilts. A trip to my storage space under the stairs quickly turned into a shopping spree. I told Sara that, with few exceptions, she could have anything she wanted. 

These are a few of the items she chose. There are no patterns for two of the older quilts.

When she left I had space for quite a few new projects. She's definitely her mother's daughter.

Love my girls!


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