Sunday, July 16, 2017

Christmas Elves Quilt Along: Introduction

 Are you ready for a Christmas adventure? It's quilt along time.
 Join me in making a super fun, super cute, Christmas wall hanging.

I know, it's the middle of July and Christmas is a whole 1/3 of a year away, but I'm wasting no time on getting this quilt along off the ground.

These are the four main blocks that will comprise this wall hanging - four busy little elves. Christmas is all year round at the North Pole. Right now the blocks are pinned to my design board. Sashing blocks will be designed as we go.

Here are the details.

The main blocks will be published, one every third Saturday, starting on July 29th.  Sashing sections will come with each block. Each set, block plus sashing, will sell for $3.00.
The final block and the construction of the quilt will be free, and will be published at the end of October.

As we go, I'll update my blog with special instructions or information about how to work with specific parts of the quilt.

The final layout will look more or less like this. There may be some minor changes, but the size should not vary by more than an inch in either direction.

Mark your calendar with the dates:
  • July 22, preliminary tips for working with the blocks
  • July 29: Block 1, Elf painting the North Pole sign
  • August 19: Block 2, Elf with the reindeer
  • September 2, Elf carrying packages
  • September 23, Elf checking the list  
  • October 14, the center block and assembly
I do hope you join in! Each of the blocks is very sweet on it's own. You can either make you favorite block and surround it with a pretty border for a small wall hanging, or you can journey with me and make the entire quilt.

Close ups of the blocks:

Happy Stitching!!


  1. That's very cute .. I'm game to go ...Christmas will be here before we know it. Tomorrow, it seems. ;)

    1. Great, Rosemary. I'm really looking forward to getting this off and away.

  2. I simply adore all your designs. Will these be available through your Craftsy store? Your files are always so well done!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. It's really important to me to know if my patterns are easy to use. Yes, I will be publishing these patterns through my Craftsy store.