Friday, September 29, 2017

October Pattern Sale!

My pattern shop is overflowing! No one can find anything in all the clutter, so I'm reducing inventory. This group of patterns will be on sale during the month of August, and most of them will be discontinued at the end of the month. A very small number will return at full price in November, and others may eventually come back if there are enough requests for them. Happy sale shopping!!

Please let me know if you find any broken links or any patterns in this list that do not reflect a markdown in price.

The Sale Items

HOME Block 8, Birdhouse

HOME Quilt Along Blocks 6 and 7 Sewing

HOME Quilt Along Block 5

HOME Quilt Along Block 4

HOME Quilt Along Block 3

HOME Quilt Along Block 2

HOME Quilt Along Block 1

HOME Quilt Along, Block 9

QA 2015 Trellis Block Plus Assembly 

QA 2015 Bunny & Basket plus a Mug Rug

QA 2015 Wheelbarrow Block

QA 2015 Birds and Spade Blocks

TGIF Mug Rug

This Old Truck

Goose Gossip Mug Rug

Just Ducky Mug Rug

Baskets for Mom Mug Rug/Block Trio

April House Mug Rug

March House Mug Rug

Spring Table Runner & Bonus Mug Rugs

Summer Picnic 

G is for Giraffe

Summer Swallow

Martha's Roses 

Let's Rock Mug Rug Trio

Playmates Mug Rug

Celebrate Mug Rug

Snowball Fight Lap Quilt
Pals Mug Rug
Ice Skates Table Topper
 School Wall Hanging

Home Quilt Along, Blocks 11-12



  1. I love the book one at the bottom! I so wish I knew how to do this kind of quilting so I could make a quilt with bookshelves on it for my reading nook. Sadly, I just started and have only accomplished strip rag quilts. Glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi Amy. We all have to start somewhere and strip quilts are a good beginning. The small book mug rug you like is made with fusible web, and it's very different from strip quilting. Some people find the applique easier than other types of quilting, others prefer making pieced quilts. The technique I used is really very simple, and I try to write most of my patterns for beginners. This page on my blog explains some of the details of working with fusible web. Best of luck with your quilting!!