Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My New Yellow Purse, Day 3

It' been a busy, busy day at my house. I devoted part of the morning to sewing, but the rest of the day has filled rapidly.

You may not be aware, but gremlins have moved into my house. Very strange things are happening. Two weeks ago I changed the bobbin in my sewing machine. Sounds simple doesn't it? Remove the plastic bobbin cover, remove empty bobbin, drop in new bobbin, replace cover. Simple as pie.

This time, though, I couldn't replace the bobbin cover. It had vanished! Seriously! Just vanished! I searched everywhere - over, under, inside everything. I even dumped my trash can onto the floor and went through it carefully. No bobbin cover. I was sure it would turn up in a day or two, but no such luck.

I finally gave up yesterday and called the shop to order a new one. The paper and scotch tape solution was getting old.

This morning they called me back. They had found one in the back and had it waiting for me! Well, that was a pretty urgent trip, so off I went. 

While I was out I made a stop at the quilt shop a few door down to look at new fabrics. Lots of pretty things, but I was strong! Wonder Karen, no less. I walked away with nothing new! How often does that happen? (Patting myself on the back here.)

Another stop, this time for groceries, then home to bake blueberry muffins to serve to my sewing group ladies who are coming by this evening. I took eight of the muffins straight from the oven and ran them to the neighbors who, once again, had scooped yesterday's light snowfall from my sidewalk. Love these neighbors and their darling little girls!!

Then, down to my sewing room to give it a quick cleanup. One of the gals coming tonight is a true sewing novice and just learning to sew. She's making a t-shirt quilt for her son, and I'm pretty sure she's planning to work on it. Most of the ladies bring handwork, and we'll just all gather and have our giggles and gossip in the sewing room with the whirr of a sewing machine lending a musical background.

Oh! The new bobbin cover! What a welcome change! It's in place, but it's clear, so hard to see in the photo. The gremlins must have found the shiny, clear plastic quite desirable. Not that I really know that much about gremlins. Maybe they just enjoy playing pranks. 

Now that my bobbin has a cover, my wedding band has disappeared! I took it off in the bathroom to put lotion on my hands. I forgot to put it back on right away and now I can't find it. It will likely show up in a drawer or some other odd place in day or two. These gremlins are making me crazy!

I'm sure that in spite of their mischief making, my gremlins are really cute little guys. They probably look a lot like this. :)

On to the sewing.

I had only two hours this morning to work on my purse. By the way, I decided not to worry about the ridge under the piping. So much of it is covered anyway that it won't be obvious at all.

Today I only finished the pockets. It was actually much more work than I'd anticipated, but it's my first time at making pockets with quilted flaps. I've made lots of quilted pockets and tons of pockets with flaps, but quilted flaps are new and more complicated than I'd thought. Sometimes it's a learn as you go process.  I know for sure that I need to come up with a better method.

Oops! Door bell is ringing. I'll need to tell you about the pockets tomorrow!

Have a super evening, everyone!


  1. Oh those gremlins. I lost my bobbin cover too. it finally showed up three and half years later. And the gremlins are always stealing my tape measure. I have to purchase another one every single year. The tape measures never show back up. Where are they all going?

    1. They must be storing your tape measures with my seam rippers! I'll bet my bobbin cover is in the same place, too. lol