Friday, September 12, 2014

Quilt Along Layout Ideas

"Home" Layout Options

I planned to make progress on this purse today, but Glenda finished the last of her quilt along blocks and asked about a layout plan. So the morning was spent on ideas for the plan. I actually came up with a three plans and a new idea, too.

I really want to hear your opinions on this so I'll know how to go about writing the instructions.

This is what I've sketched out so far. I like all of these plans, but the layout might be dictated by size.

One of the 48" x 48" plans would be fine for a wall hanging.

Layout 1: 48" x 48"
This plan has the house at the top of the quilt with the word, "Home" appliqued above it.  The photo shows an arrangement that could work with my blocks. The diagram below it shows the plan measured out to scale.

Layout 2: 48" x 48" 
I don't have a photo example, but I did make a layout to scale. The big difference is with the location of the house. In this plan it's centered.

Layout 3: 54" x 54"
With secondary sashing and a double border, this quilt layout has grown into a good size for a small lap quilt or a larger wall hanging. Again, I've shown the scale drawing below the photo layout.

A final option: I haven't made a sketch to go with this idea. I was thinking of taking Layout 3 and adding to both the top and the bottom with some border additions. If it grew to 54" x 72", it would be a larger lap quilt, but it would also look lovely when laid over a plain bedspread on a single bed. I have just such a bed, so it's an idea in the works. 

With borders going all the way around this quilt could grow to a bed quilt, but it would immediately become too large to quilt on my little machine. 

Do you have preference? 
Waiting to hear from you!


  1. Morning Karen,
    All three layouts are good but I prefer Layout 3 for two main reasons.
    Firstly the house is central to the quilt and thus gives it balance and secondly, people have the option to add the secondary sashing and border to make it into a lap quilt or they can bind it without either for a wall quilt. These are small points though and whichever you choose, it is sure to look good.

    1. Thanks so much, Patchsmith. You have excellent instincts for design, and I truly appreciate your insight. I'm getting mixed opinions on this, though. I think I'll have to give people at least two options and then decide which way I want to make it. As they are right now, layouts 2 and 3 are easier to piece than the first choice.

  2. Oh I can't stop looking at this quilt I love it !!

    1. Thank you, Lyndsey! I loved the whole process of creating this with a little help from my friends.