Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Late Start to January

I'm off to a very slow start this month. The fist week has flown by, and the one thing I can say I've actually accomplished is finishing off the Christmas cookies. I hope that counts for something - aside from the extra three pounds on my thighs.

After a full week of struggling with a mug rug pattern for February, I can finally see the end in sight. Things are looking up as we enter January's second week.

The mug rug that I thought would whip up in a couple of days ... didn't. It was one false start after another until yesterday when it suddenly came together and turned into something fun.

I'll complete at least three of these mug rug options for the pattern. I really hope to have it finished by the end of this week. Fingers crossed!

As soon as the mug rug pattern is complete, I'll put most of my focus into designing this year's block of the month wall hanging and putting it together. I hope to do this differently this year. Instead of designing only one block or section each month, I want to have the total design including the layout finished first. Mystery quilts can be bit scary - especially if the final outcome is a mystery to the designer as well as everyone else. I don't want to go through another series of sleepless nights like I did last year when I had a deadline to meet and a head empty of ideas.

The theme for this year's B.O.M. will be sewing, and the colors will be light and bright. This is the set of 10" squares that I'll use for much of the quilt. There will be other bits and pieces thrown in, as well, and I'll decide on borders and such when the blocks are all together.

The fabric line is "Hazelwood" by One Canoe Two for Moda.

During the the coming week, I hope to make up for last week's lack of progress. My goals are set.

1. Finish the heart mug rug pattern.
2. Design several smaller blocks and a couple of larger sections for the 2017 B.O.M.
3. Give book talks introducing 10 books to four classes of fifth grade at my former school. 
4. Try a new cornbread recipe. 
5. Cook up a batch of "un-stuffed" cabbage rolls. 


6. Take down the Christmas tree, for goodness sake!!

Wishing you a warm and lovely week!


  1. Bah! take down the Christmas Tree? Oh dear you are a bit late....I'm old and don't bother to put one up so I don't have to worry about taking it down....I love the Feb. Mug Rug....get it done so we can get a head start on sewing before 2/14!
    Happy New Year!
    Carole Corn

  2. I'm working on the mug rug as fast as I can, Carole. The Christmas tree is down. Actually, it's wrapped in a plastic bag fully decorated. I put it in a storage closet so I won't have to deal much with it next year. We almost never use the family room where we set up Christmas anymore, so we got ourselves a tiny, little tree that we can set on a table. Trouble is, I don't go in the room often, so I kept forgetting about the tree and other decorations.