Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Mug Rugs for Valentine's Day

The February hearts pattern is named "Love". The design was such a struggle in the beginning, but once I got my head together, I had so much fun that I found it hard to stop making little variations. 

I do like to mix things up a bit, so I designed this pattern in a reverse style of applique. The more common method would be for the  smaller shapes to be appliqued on the top of the he heart. Here, the heart is made with cutouts that let the contrast fabrics peek through from underneath. 

From the beginning, I wanted this pattern to be versatile, and I had planned to make two mug rugs in different fabric combinations. 

I stitched up the first mug rug in red and black because it's always a striking combination. My granddaughter dropped by for lunch yesterday, and this one that went home with her.

I wondered how the pattern would look in softer colors, so I made another mug rug. My mother would have like this combination of fabrics.

And then my eyes fell on this newly purchased piece sticking out of a basket that sat on the other end of my cutting table.

I don't know about you, but my self control goes out the window in fabric stores. There are so many fabrics depicting items used in sewing, but I couldn't resist this piece. I may turn it into a tote, but the options are endless. It became the inspiration for a new design idea to use in the valentine pattern, one for those who love to sew. With the little sewing machine placed in the corner, it will make up beautifully in any favorite fabric.

This one is all mine!
The little sewing machine takes up quite a bit space, so I shrunk the word "love" and embroidered it by hand. I also switched up thread colors on the heart applique for a very different look.
I love how the contrasting thread "pops" against the black of the heart.

A lot of my friends have other loves. Like cats. My cat loving friends go all glassy eyed over anything showing cats.

I had to tear myself away from making more designs, but there is a B.O.M. quilt waiting for it's turn to be made. That's a first priority right now.

Oh, a little helpful hint. If you do a lot of applique, I strongly recommend that you get an applique pressing sheet. With that you can press large sections of applique pieces together before placing anything on fabric. It really does simplify things.

I'm sure there must be others, but this one by Bear Thread works beautifully for me.

I've made some progress on the goals I set last week. Four are checked off, two are left, but I still have the weekend to work on them.
 1. Finish the heart mug rug pattern.
       2. Design several smaller blocks and a couple of larger sections for the 2017 B.O.M.
✔  3. Give book talks introducing 10 books to four classes of fifth grade at my former school.
       4. Try a new cornbread recipe. 
✔  5. Cook up a batch of "un-stuffed" cabbage rolls. (Disappointing recipe.)
✔  6. Take down the Christmas tree.

I wouldn't mind snow, but we've been getting ice, and more is predicted over the next several days.

Stay safe!


  1. Do any of us have self-control in a fabric store? LOL I sure don't (as I look for a path to get to my fabric) ... I love the new mug rug and the variations! I need to have another of your patterns to add to my growing pile. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Rosemary. Fabric is my only addiction. It's good to know I'm not alone!

  3. I don't think the 'sewer / quilter' has been born yet that has 'control' in a fabric store!! I like the 'Love sewing pattern' could have that out all year long.
    Do you make your cornbread in a cast iron fry pan?
    You can have your today in S.C. it is 74 !! Door to the screen porch is open and the air is beautiful...I'm getting ready for Spring already...

    1. Thanks,Carole. I can't believe it's so warm in your neck of the woods. We're expecting a major ice storm Sunday into Monday, and the grocery store was an absolute madhouse this morning. Snow rarely causes problems for folks in Nebraska, but when there's ice, everything closes down and we stay home.I've always made my cornbread in a cake pan, but now that I have a good cast iron skillet, I'm planning to give it a try.