Friday, February 10, 2017

Sara's Quilt: Block 1, Tutorial

Sara's quilt is a sampler with some pieced blocks and some applique blocks. This is the first pf the pieced blocks, so I'm calling it Block 1 for now. It looks a bit like four fish in a pond to me. Eventually, I may name it Fishpond. Or not.

I'm working with a layer cake and cream background yardage from "Miss Scarlet" by Moda. 

The block goes together so quickly. It's made entirely of squares and half square triangles (HST).
10" s 10"
I used six fabrics in this first block, but you could make the block with four. The cream fabrics in the blocks could all be made with the background fabric without changing the effect.

From Red 1, cut two 3 1/8" squares
From Red 2, cut six 3 1/8" squares
From Red 3, cut four 2 1/2" squares and two 3 1/8" squares.
From Cream 1, cut four 2 1/2" squares and two 3 1/8" squares.
From Cream 2, cut four 3 1/8" squares.
From Cream 3, cut one 2 1/2" square.

Make the half square triangles.

You will need to make eight of A, four of B, and four of C, and one of Cream 3.

Red 2 and Cream 2 are used to make Unit A.
Red 2 and Red 3 are used in Unit B.
Red 1 and Cream 1 are used for Unit C
Cream 3 is used in the center of the block.
The squares for these are cut a bit larger than the exact measurement. I cut them down to 2 1/2" x  2 1/2" after they were sewn.

1. Choose the two 3 1/8" squares that are used for each unit. Place them right sides together in pairs.

2. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of one of the squares in each pair.

3. Stitch 1/4" from the drawn line on each side of the line.

4. Cut along the line. You will have two HST units. Press seams to the dark.
5. Square up and trim each HST to 2 1/2" x 2 1/2.

Assemble the block.

Diagram of the block assembly.

 1. Make four 4-patch units. Use one of each HST in each as shown below.
Make four.

2. Make two 2-patch units from 2 1/2" squares of Red 1 and Cream 1.
3. Sew one of the 4-patch units to either side of the 2-patch unit. Make two of these sets.

4. Sew the remaining 2 1/2" squares together in a row of five squares with the Cream 3 square in the center.

5. The sets from step 3 will go on the top and the bottom of the row of five squares. Sew together.

That's it. Easy-peasy. 

If you find a mistake in this tutorial, please let me know right away so that I can correct it. 


  1. I love the look of the Red/White together....and I promised myself not to start another project, BUT! I really like this, and I just picked up some deep red FQ's @1.25 each! What an excuse to jump in....
    do we only do I block for the sampler? What is the finished size?
    Carole Corn

    1. Those deep red FQs at that price are irresistible! I'd have bought them, too! The finished quilt will be 50" x 50" before adding borders. It uses 12 chain blocks. A tutorial for that block is already on my blog. Copy and paste this URL into your browser and it will take you straight to it.
      I'm not sure how many block designs I'll be using, but several of them will be appliqued and the others pieced. I hope to post tutorials for all of the pieced blocks on my block, but I'll have to put the applique templates in my pattern store on the Craftsy website because you can download them so easily from there. They'll also be free.

  2. Karen, got so far as to finish the first block and have two red 3 1/8" sq. Left over....Oops need to change them to off white....but think that is it as far as typos or mistakes....It is a very easy pattern. I don't think I want to do a 50 X 50 but may adapt to something is the red / white that gets me every time...

  3. Sorry Karen, it is a bad brain day for me, no mistake in the pattern, I took the red (print) center HST to be background or off white, and you intended them to be the red!
    Sorry for the intrusion....I will go back and sew in the, the mind is a great thing when it works!

    1. Carole, you and I seem to have a lot in common. I am constantly cutting things too small or sewing HSTs backwards. Then I wind up with all of these bits and pieces of accidental blocks and nowhere to use them. I'm glad there wasn't an error in the instructions. Goodness knows, I've done that often enough. Math and I are not always on the best of terms. Lol.