Thursday, February 6, 2014

A few hints for making the "Home" quilt along house block

Yes, the pattern is finished! I am so excited to have it done.

You've seen this before, but here it is one more time, just for fun. :)

I promised you a few tips for putting this together, and here they are.

1. To Limit Bulk
If you are wanting this for a lap quilt you may want to limit the bulk and stiffness of the fusible web as much as you can. If you are planning on using this as a wall hanging it probably makes no difference. You can reduce the bulk of larger pieces by cutting out the center of your piece of fusible web before ironing it on to the back of the applique fabric. You will need to leave a piece of web at least 3/4" wide around the outside edge to give you a secure fuse.

2. Embroidering Flowers
It's difficult enough to embroider through even one layer of fusible web, but near the bottom of the house you will have two or three layers of web. I wouldn't even try to stitch through that. Instead, I drew the shape of the flower bed onto a larger piece of my green fabric with white chalk, then placed it in my tiny embroidery hoop and embroidered the flowers onto it. The fusible web was ironed to the back after the embroidery was finished.

3. Applique Stitch Choices
The stitches you choose for securing the appliques can add life and depth to your block. Thread colors that contrast will highlight the pieces, especially when made with a standard 50 weight thread or heavier. Stitching in matching colors with lightweight, 60 weight thread will recede into the fabric and almost disappear.

Dark thread and zigzag stitching add contrasting trim to the door and the window.
Contrast thread made with a straight triple stitch (jeans top stitch) separates the panes on the windows and creates the ropes for the swing. A similar effect could be achieved with embroidered lines.

A blanket stitch in thread slightly darker than the applique pieces adds definition without standing out too much. The machine blanket stitch also makes very clean edge to the applique. Again, a similar effect can be achieved with a blanket stitch made by hand. I simply don't have the skill to produce lovely, even blanket stitches by hand.

A blanket stitch in matching thread, especially if the thread is a fine 60 weight, will blend into the applique and practically disappear.

Now, on to the block #2.

I'll choose from one of the ideas I've been given so far. Please keep adding to our list! This is what we have so far.

Thank you all so much for these wonderful ideas!

needle, thread and scissors
yarn and knitting needles 
a kitty cat
rocking chair
plate and silverware 
teapot or coffee pot 
cookie jar and cookies  
potted plant
sewing machine
white picket fence
coffee mug
watering can

Happy Stitching, everyone!


  1. Here is a suggestion for another block. How about a water feature. Maybe a pond with rocks and a fish, or a birdbath with a bird. You could also combine some of the other ideas together, such as a watering can with flowers and a butterfly, or a cat on a rocker in front of a fireplace.

    1. These are both excellent ideas. I'll definitely use some of them, Denise.